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The presidents of Spain's regional football federations have unanimously agreed to ask Luis Rubiales to resign as president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF). After more than five hours of meeting in their headquarters near Madrid, the leadership has taken a stand against its president and has given "unanimous support" to interim president Pedro Rocha to "lead a new era in which dialogue and reconciliation with all football institutions will be the line to follow."

The territorial presidents concluded that "after the recent events and the unacceptable behaviour that has seriously damaged the image of Spanish football" it is necessary for Rubiales to present his resignation. In this respect, they also urge "the corresponding bodies" to carry out a "deep and imminent restructuring" in several strategic positions of the RFEF to give way to "a new era of management in Spanish football".

As a first measure to demonstrate the beginning of a new stage, president Rocha has been asked by the regional heads to withdraw the letter sent on behalf of the RFEF to UEFA asking it to intervene in the face of alleged government interference. In addition, the territorial presidents have stated that they are "at the disposal of Spain's Higher Sports Council (CSD) and of all the institutions involved" to work on Spain's bid for the 2030 Men's World Cup.

The territorial presidents congratulate the women's team for the World Cup

As well, regional and territorial leaders took advantage of their press statement to congratulate the women's team for winning the title of World Champions and also to express "admiration and gratitude to a group of unrepeatable players". A congratulations they wanted to extend to "all those people who have, over the years, tenaciously constructed the growth of women's football". "We value the significance and legacy of the success for Spanish sport," they said. And in this respect, they pledged to "continue to implement investment" in women's football and in "policies of equality for its development".