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Míriam Hatibi, one of the two people who read a manifesto at the end of today's anti-terrorism march in Barcelona, had a tense conversation with king Felipe VI at the end of the demonstration against terrorism and for coexistence. Her words can't be made out from the video, but the body language of the spokeswoman of the Ibn Battuta Foundation is visible. The king keeps a poker face with a half smile, nods his head courteously and leaves:

On social networks the incident has provoked much comment and intrigue:

Translation: Impatient to know what you've just said to [king] Felipe, Míriam. I loved seeing how you didn't carry on with the tale of showing him a happy little face 

I would pay to hear what Míriam Hatibi must have said to the king... sure that they weren't convenient words. You're brilliant, Míriam! 

What's Míriam Hatibi said to the king's face when he greeted her? "I'm not scared" and what else? We'd like to know. I'm sure that we'll agree with it well enough. 

Intriguing the little chat that Mririam Hatibi just gave to the king ended with an "okay?" What will she have said to him...