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Hundreds of students have been camping since Wednesday in plaça Universitat in the centre of Barcelona, protesting the Supreme Court's verdicts and the repression of the independence movement, as well as calling for a "dignified future", citing issues like the lack of social housing, full equality between men and women and the need for "real measures to stop the climate emergency".

acampada plaça universitat ACN

Photo: ACN

The students, calling themselves the Generation of the 14th October after the day Spain's Supreme Court announced its decision to send pro-independence Catalan leaders to prison for up to 13 years on charges including sedition, currently have no intention to leave the square. A call they made on social media for help with provisions drew a large response from the public.

Indeed, the response was so generous that they say they "now have enough food to survive quite a few days", and that although they are "thankful for all the donations", they don't need anything else for the moment, except gluten-free food.

They have other needs beyond food, though, so have asked anyone who wishes to donate to contribute items like brooms; tents, sleeping bags and mats; plates, cups and cutlery; batteries and generators; and a fridge and shelves.

Today, the group has organised events like an anti-racism talk involving various organisations working in the field, as well as a march this evening.

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