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Storm Glòria has brought howling winds to the east coast of Spain, from Catalonia through Valencia to Murcia, and snow to very low altitudes. So far, four people have died, thousands of kids have had their schools closed, roads have been closed and flights from Valencia and Alicante cancelled.

Low snow

Whilst common at this time of year in the Pyrenees, snow is a less common sight further south in Catalonia, at lower altitudes. In some areas, however, it's been sticking today at 500 metres above sea level or less (1600ft).

It's not just in the countryside. Certain towns have seen notable snowfall too. Some children have taken advantage of their closed schools to play outside; some adults have seen significant disruptions to their days. 

Some social media users even managed to record the snow as it was falling, on occasion blown down at sharp angles by the strong winds. 


It's not just on land the effects of the storm are making themselves felt. At points along the coast, waves up to 8m high have been reported.

The winds, meanwhile, blowing at over 100km/h at times (60mph), are causing their own problems around Catalonia, with dozens of calls to the emergency services..