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Minister Jordi Turull today posted a tweet as soon as the judge announced his decision to send him, fellow ministers Raül Romeva, Josep Rull and Dolors Bassa and former Parliament speaker Carme Forcadell to prison.

Turull, candidate for president of Catalonia, wrote: "I've been imprisoned for having been loyal to the mandate of those who chose me as a representative of the people of Catalonia, to the president, to the government and to the Parliament. Please, dedicate all your energies to peacefully defending the democracy and dignity of Catalonia. I have full confidence and hope in the people of Catalonia. It's never failed and nor will it now. Blanca, Laura, Marta, parents, siblings and friends, don't suffer for me. I'm well because I'm convinced about what I've done, which isn't a crime, nor has it hurt anyone. I love you all. Long live democracy. Long live Catalonia."

His fellow minister, Josep Rull, had similar words to share: "Whatever they do with us, the cause of Catalonia -the cause of freedom, of democracy and of dignity- endure with strength, because there are millions of us who believe in it. May the price of our commitment serve to multiply everyone's commitment."

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