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The spokesperson in the Spanish Congress for centre-right unionist party CiudadanosInés Arrimadas, has criticised the decision by UK prime minister Boris Johnson to extend the closure of the Parliament in Westminster this year before the start of its new session.

Translation: "A sad day for democracy in the United Kingdom. Closing parliaments so they don't "bother" governments and taking away the voices of those who are representatives of the public is antidemocratic."

Many users on Twitter, however reminded Arrimadas of her own support for the closure of the Catalan Parliament via article 155 of the Spanish Constitution following Catalonia's 2017 independence push.

"Mrs Arrimadas, With all due respect, when you have no respect for the democracy and the political rights of Catalonia, you've got nothing to teach the government of my country. Respect your citizens' rights and then we can talk. Yours sincerely, an English Liberal Democrat."

"I'd say that you helped a fair amount to "take away the voices of those who are representatives of the public" in Catalonia. They've now been in prison for two years, and you want more."

"You can't be more cynical. When [article] 155 was applied closing the Catalan parliament and taking away their voices from the majority of the Catalan people (in October 2017 let me remind you), when JxSí was the largest party in the Parliament, it seemed great to you."

"Woah! That reminds me of something which happened in this kingdom not that long ago... have a think, little Inés." 

"Please, it's nothing the kingdom of Spain didn't do two years ago now."

"Yes, clearly it's more democratic to not let people vote, to beat them and to put the government and its leaders in prison." 

"Hahaha... we're talking about "closing parliaments"?" 

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