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Spain's acting interior minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, has said this Monday that the European Arrest Warrant system is "open to working much better" than it does now.

Although he described it as "one of the great milestones of the instruments of the space of liberty, security and justice", he said progress needs to be made towards a "framework of correct interpretation" of the orders.

"Legal operators as a whole need to have a clear awareness of what is the space of liberty, security and justice," the minister said. He was speaking to the media after meeting with his European counterparts in Brussels today.

He noted that the system is based on "mutual trust" between states, but said that a "correct interpretation" and "concrete understanding" of the system are necessary. He said "training" is needed on the matter.

In recent months, Spain has come up against a number of issues relating to European Arrest Warrants. For example, it withdrew two waves of warrants for Catalan pro-independence leaders, including Carles Puigdemont, after various judges had rejected them in whole or in part. They are now in the middle of their third attempt at extraditing the exiles.