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33.8% of Spaniards are in favour of modifying the Spanish Constitution to recognise the possibility for autonomous communities to hold self-determination referenda, which would allow a vote to be held in Catalonia under negotiated conditions.

That's the result revealed by a survey by Sociométrica published in Spanish newspaper El Español. The survey, however, shows that a majority of respondents (59.4%) reject the idea. A significant proportion of Spaniards, 6.8%, are still neutral on the issue.

The proportion in favour of such referenda is high in this survey, especially when compared with other recent, similar surveys. The latest results from CIS (Centre for Sociological Research), for example, found only 10.2% of the public want to let autonomous communities to decide on whether to become independent states or not. Sociométrica's survey, however, shows that the number could be over three times that.