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On the verge of the release of the Supreme Court's verdicts in the case of the pro-independence Catalan leaders​, Spain's interior ministry has ordered members of all the GRS anti-riot units the Civil Guard has in Spain to start moving to Catalonia.

Civil Guard sources have told El Confidencial that the sentence will be released between 11th and 14th October that the interior ministry has called for volunteers to support their colleagues who are already in Catalonia.

The first GRS units are starting to travel to Catalonia this Tuesday, coming from Pontevedra, León, Madrid, Zaragoza, Seville and Valencia, the newspaper reports. The ministry's objective is to strengthen the Civil Guard already in Catalonia with 700 extra Civil Guards and 800 National Police officers.

In addition, they will also deploy further information services officers from the Civil Guard, some of who were already transferred to Catalonia for Operation Judas.

The newspaper adds that the officers have been asked to make sure their moves are "quiet, discrete and peaceful" and to make sure they "don't contribute to increasing the already-existing tension".

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