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A single officer of the Mossos d'Esquadra (Catalan police) brought down all five terrorists in Cambrils. The terrorists were wearing fake explosive devices and had run over a number of pedestrians with their vehicle before stabbing a number of others.

Just after the terrorists ran over their patrol partner, who is lightly injured and out of danger, the agent shot all five of the terrorists. The officer is receiving psychological attention.

Four of the terrorists died instantly and the fifth was badly wounded, dying hours later, while the Tedax (Technical Specialists in the Deactivation of Explosive Artefacts) checked whether the belts contained real explosives or not. Today it has been confirmed that they were fake. 

Today, one of the pedestrians stabbed by the terrorists has also died. They were one of the six people injured in the attack in Cambrils and were found in a critical condition.

While the Cambrils attack is under control, the police are continuing the search for the rest of the suspected terrorists, including the driver of the van that ran over around a hundred people on la Rambla in Barcelona.

It is clear to police that the attacks in Cambrils and Barcelona are connected and that they are related to the explosion that happened on Wednesday in Alcanar, a town an hour's drive south of Cambrils, in a house where they were allegedly preparing explosives they were planning to use in the attack in Barcelona.

The actions of the Mossos have been praised from the first moment by the public, the other authorities and the international community.

The police is continuing with operation Gàbia ("Cage"), used to try and prevent suspected terrorist from escaping, while they look for the four or five suspects. Currently four people are under arrest, including the brother of the alleged driver from the Rambla attack, a friend of his and one of the people wounded in the explosion in Alcanar.