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Spain's deputy prime minister, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, has provoked a wave of protests after asking today in the Congress "is it so hard to sacrifice a Catalan?", alluding to the president-in-exile, Carles Puigdemont. Santamaría was responding to a question from ERC deputy Joan Tardà.

Many people have criticised the comment, and protests have spread around social media. The italics under a tweet is its translation.

Although the last time I took on Soraya Santamaría it cost me an imputation by the public prosecutor for a hate crime, I can't avoid pointing out that this is an inquisition and religion, not politics.

Sacrificing the first Catalan will be a bit tricky for them. For the following ones they'll already have gotten used to it and everything will be more fluid. They have to start normalising the sacrifice of Catalans. This one, we're leaving him in eternal exile. In a few months we'll introduce the bonfire.

This question will pass into the textbooks when discussing this era we're enduring, won't it? 

Soraya talking of sacrificing a Catalan as if we were livestock being taken to the slaughterhouse. Soraya, for these words, should have to resign now. In any case, given the corruption of Mr Rajoy it's already time for him to resign, he doesn't have to be sacrificed.

Sacrificing a Catalan! But have you gone mad? Let's see if you dare talk of sacrificing a Spaniard. 

We shouldn't be surprised that a descendent of Francoism doesn't understand that we don't want to sacrifice a Catalan. They sacrificed a whole load of people during the war and the dictatorship and have never wanted to condemn or try all those crimes...

How hard is it to sacrifice one Catalan? Whoever says one, says all those necessary.

We go as far as saying: "How is it so hard to sacrifice a Spaniard?" and they lock us all up for hate crimes.