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Spanish public prosecutors have called for an officer of the National Police Corps to be sent to prison for two years. The officer in question attacked photojournalist Jordi Borràs in Barcelona in July last year after recognising him in the street. El Món reports that prosecutors believe that the inspector, from the intelligence brigade, could have committed a crime of bodily injury with an aggravating factor of discrimination for ideological reasons.

Prosecutors also call for his right to passive suffrage (the right to be elected) to be suspended for the same period and for Borràs to receive 7,500€ (£6,600; $8,400) in compensation for the physical and psychological harm suffered.

Finally, prosecutors called for the lawsuit against Borràs himself to be dismissed. He had been accused by the officer who attacked him of punching him in the head, but the prosecutors say "his participation in the injuries suffered by the accused is [not] proven".