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PP's spokesperson in the European Parliament, Esteban González Pons, has shown anger at the decision by the higher regional court of Schleswig-Holstein to only grant Carles Puigdemont's extradition for the charge of misuse of public funds, not that of rebellion. He called on Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez to suspend the Schengen agreement in Spain.

"I demand that Sánchez suspend the application of the Schengen agreement in Spain, as other EU countries have done so many times, until its clarified whether the European Arrest Warrant is useful for anything or not," he said.

According to the MEP, today is a "very sad" day for the process of European integration, because it's been shown that the "European Arrest Warrant doesn't work". "In these circumstances, the Schengen agreement is a risk for the countries of the union," he added. He proposed "putting borders back", saying that if some country or judge "is prejudiced towards [Spain]... we should have enough dignity and enough pride to say that we don't play that game".