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The fascist attacks keep coming, and with ever greater frequency. This Sunday evening, seven people were attacked and injured whilst hanging up an estelada "starred" pro-independence flag in a square in Manresa, a town an hour inland from Barcelona.

Translation: The moment when, this evening, a group of four Spanish fascists brutally attacked seven Catalans in Manresa - five of them taken to A&E. // They won't stop until there are deaths. Nobody is protecting us. Let's defend ourselves, damn it. 

(image) Enough attacks. Not here, not anywhere. (text) Enough attacks. Fascist attack in Manresa tonight against 7 people hanging up an 'estelada'. We respond to every attack.

One of those injured explained that he was punched on the left shoulder and kicked on his left leg whilst "six anti-fascists [were in hospital] in A&E".

Fascist attack tonight in Manresa. 6 anti-fascists in A&E. I was attacked by Oscar Gonzalez Gonzalez with a punch to the left shoulder and a kick to my left thigh. // Other attackers: Raúl Macià, Tony Noguera, David Delgado Ramiro.

The Mossos, the Catalan police, took the identities of those on both sides.

The Mossos are identifying the anti-fascists and saying that "the two sides have to identify themselves just the same". They attack us every day and won't stop. We won't let them win.

People present at the scene have identified the attackers, who were in a car holding a Spanish flag out the window and shouting "Arriba España, guarros". "Arriba España" (Upwards, Spain) was a Franco-era slogan, "guarro" means pig.

Oscar Gonzalez, Raul Macià and Tony Noguera shouting at us whilst we were coming back from hanging up an 'estelada' in 11 de setembre square. // We know who you are, we're not scared of you.

A demonstration was organised for 8pm this Monday in the square in response.

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