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The Albert Einstein Institution, a famous American think tank that studies methods of non-violent resistance, applauded, precisely, the non-violent strategy of "activists fighting for the independence of Catalonia." The institution, in particular, applauds the "disciplined" strategy of the independence movement when it comes to fighting to reach the Republic, although they make it clear that, politically, they will remain in a neutral position.

This was expressed by the executive director of the entity, Jamila Raqib, in the prologue of the book that Jordi Cuixart has written from prison, entitled "We will do it again." In her overture, Raqib also says that the independence strategy allows all members of the Catalan society to participate in the struggle towards the Republic.

In addition, the head of the institution concludes her writing stating that the peaceful stand of the independence movement will not only prevent a tragedy against the civilian population but, in the long run, it will prove to be the most effective.

The Albert Einstein Institution was founded by Gene Sharp in 1983, known for his writings on non-violent strategy. In this sense, Mark Engler, an editorial board member at Dissent Magazine, wrote an article about Gene Sharpe's work on the dynamics of nonviolent conflict.

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