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At the end of today's demonstration in Barcelona, videos recorded in Belgium were played communicating messages from president Puigdemont and the ministers with him in Brussels.

Carles Puigdemont called on the Catalan people to remain mobilised in support of democracy. He claimed they have the right to be "a new country, a different country" and said that the Spanish state wants to harass the Catalan people and their institutions. He also asked the European Union for help so that Catalonia can decide its future through the ballot box.

Meritxell Serret, Agriculture minister, thanked the attendees and called for unity towards the 21st December election. Lluís Puig, Culture minister, also thanked those present for such a large turnout and noted that by attending such public events they are promoting the values of liberty. Clara Ponsatí, Education minister, called on those present to continue fighting for freedom and, above all, for the release of the prisoners.

The last video was from Toni Comín, Health minister, who described the actions of the Spanish justice system with the prisoners as "barbaric" and said that they will fight tirelessly to guarantee that all of them are released. Comín also had a message for the Spanish government and its supporters: "you cannot imprison the desires of a people for freedom". To the prisoners themselves, he said that "the testimony of bravery and nobility that you're giving to your children is the greatest heritage they can receive from their mother or father".