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The ANC (Catalan National Assembly) has proposed a massive gathering of vehicles for the 21st December this year. That day, the Spanish cabinet is planning to meet in Barcelona.

Via social media, they have called people from around Catalonia to come "calmly" by car to Barcelona as the ministers are meeting in Llotja de Mar. They add that "We'll say loudly and clearly that they're not welcome" and that "protesting is a right".

Translation: On 21st December, united and organised. Bright and early, we'll leave from everywhere by car and we'll head calmly to Barcelona for a massive gathering of vehicles. We'll say loudly and clearly that they're not welcome. At 9am we'll be with Roger Español at court. Protesting is a right!

Other gatherings

This action organised by the ANC joins others announced by Òmniumstudents groups and the CDR (Committees for Defence of the Republic).

Òmnium Cultural has organised a "popular cabinet meeting" at 11am. The CDR has also called its supporters to gather at Llotja de Mar early that morning.

Translation: On Friday 21st, let's make our voices heard in the streets! Let's go out to protest, peacefully and resolutely, against the presence of the Spanish government in Barcelona. In the coming days we'll set the event's location.

Translation: On 21st December we'll be ungovernable! Save the date and follow our official channels. Let's take the streets! Let's organise our response and prepare ourselves to resist! #Let'sToppleTheRegime #ThePowerOfThePeople #CDROnline

Unis per la República (Unis for the Republic) has proposed emptying classrooms on Friday 21st for their protest, an idea seconded by SEPC (Union of Students from the Catalan Countries).

Translation: On 21st December, let's topple the regime! From SEPC we're calling [students] to empty their classrooms and organise in the streets together with the CDRs and the other organisations to stop the cabinet meeting!

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