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Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy today faced a motion of no-confidence in the Congress, a motion he lost, becoming the first Spanish premier forced from office by the opposition. The Catalan independence crisis was, as The Guardian put it, "one of the defining issues" of his time in office. One of his biggest decisions in the face of the crisis was to force the Catalan government from office, call an election and, in the mean time, take direct control over Catalonia. The statute he used to justify this action was article 155 of the Spanish Constitution.

Today, he gave 'no' vote number 155 against Pedro Sánchez's motion of no-confidence to oust him from office. He was the first member of the government to vote, after all the other deputies had done so. The vote then closed with the members of the Congress's Bureau.

The coincidence didn't go unnoticed on Twitter.

Translation: Rajoy's NO was number 155 in the vote. If this isn't karma...

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