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The Catalan branch of the PP party has brought some 1,500 agents and inspectors (party sympathisers and campaigners) from outside of Catalonia to supervise today's Parliament election.

Among them are 81 deputies from the Spanish Congress and 85 senators. The 1,500 doesn't include those from within Catalonia recruited by the party.

It's not the first time that PP has sent agents and inspectors from Spain: in the last Basque elections and the previous Catalan Parliament election on 27th September 2015 they did the same.

Tweet from the PP's candidate for the Catalan presidency, Xavier García Albiol. Translation: Thank you very much to all the members and sympathisers of PP who are in Catalonia today. Proud of a great team! #ImVotingForSpain

In the AVE [high-speed train] to Catalonia with party members to watch over this election for democracy, liberty and the Constitution, which has brought more lights than shadows to our great country, Spain.

This Thursday morning, the PP's candidate for the Catalan presidency, Xavier García Albiol, went to Barcelona's Sants station to welcome the volunteers.

As for Ciutadans, they have gathered almost 4,000 monitors, of whom 760 come from outside of Catalonia. The party got them through a publication on their website inviting members to join what they called their "orange team", after the party's colour. One of them, who didn't understand Catalan, admitted he came from Zaragoza.

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