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The decision by Spanish Supreme Court judge Pablo Llarena to prevent Jordi Sànchez from attending the Catalan Parliament on Monday for the debate on his investiture as president has been picked up by a large number of international news outlets. Here we present a sample:

BBC, UK broadcaster: "Catalonia Spain: Judge refuses to release Jordi Sanchez for investiture "

Reuters, International news agency: "Spanish court says proposed Catalan leader must stay in jail"

Fox News, US broadcaster: "Spanish judge won't release Catalan separatist for vote"

The Guardian, UK newspaper: "Catalan leader cannot leave jail to attend debate, court rules"

Daily Mail, UK newspaper: "Spanish court refuses freedom request from jailed Catalan separatist"

BFM TV, French broadcaster: "In Catalonia, the only candidate to the presidency kept in detention" 

Le Devoir, Canadian newspaper: "Spain causes a new political block in Catalonia"

Le Soir, Belgian newspaper: "Crisis in Catalonia: Jordi Sànchez, the candidate to the presidency kept in prison"

La Presse, Canadian newspaper: "Catalonia: the candidate to the presidency kept in prison"

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