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Terror has come to Catalonia, but it's all in the name of fun. Horrorland, a theme park which today opens its doors in Cercs, Catalonia, for the first time, is the first "scream park" in southern Europe. The project has taken over the town's abandoned power station and follows "an American format".

Founded by Sílvia Mosella, Cristina Raya, Climent Vila and David Morena, Horrorland says it has already sold over 93% of the 22,000 entries available for this season. That season, this year, will run for only fifteen days over Halloween. According to their website, tickets are only left for one date in October, two in November. Of the visitors who have already bought tickets, 36% come from outside of Catalonia. Out of these, 41% are from the Netherlands, France and Germany.

"The most similar thing to Horrorland that exists in Europe is in Germany," the organisers say. It's an "innovative" idea that follows a US tradition of converting a space into the "land of horror" for a few days. Local businesses have eagerly welcomed the news, and the expected influx of guests. Some nearby restaurants have planned themed menus for the days the park will be open.

The total investment in the project is not yet known, but 150,000 euros (£130,000; $170,000) have been spent on security alone and it has created 150 jobs, including actors, artists and external staff. Already thinking towards their second season, Horrorland is planning to also involve the hotel sector.