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Pro-independence Catalan parties are in shape to retain their absolute majority in the Parliament but anti-independence Ciutadans will be the largest party. That's the results of a survey released as polls for today's election closed carried out by GAD3 for the La Vanguardia newspaper and media of the Godó Group.

Ciutadans (Cs) get 34-37 deputies with 26.0% of the vote; ERC come second with 34-36 seats and 22.5%, Junts per Catalunya have 28-29 and 19.0%; PSC, 18-20 with 15.0%; Catalunya En Comú-Podem, 7-8 and 7%; CUP 5-6 and 5.0% and PP, 3-5 with 4.5%.

Between them, pro-independence ERC, Junts per Catalunya and CUP total between 67 and 71 seats (68 is an absolute majority) and the pro-union parties (Cs, PSC and PP) from 55 to 62. This means Catalunya En Comú-Podem, between the two blocs, have little chance to be decisive in the new Catalan chamber.

The survey was based on 3,200 telephone surveys carried out during the election campaign until 7pm today, election day.

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Catalan election results 2017
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