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Freixenet, a producer of cava, a type of sparkling wine, will decide whether to move its registered office out of Catalonia in a board of directors meeting planned for the end of October. Company sources have confirmed that the question is included on the agenda for their next ordinary meeting, after the Catalan president announced Catalonia's independence on 10th October but left it suspended. Days before the president's speech in the Catalan Parliament, Freixenet's president, Josep Lluís Bonet, had signalled in an interview with RNE (National Radio of Spain) that he wanted to debate the question himself with the board if independence were to be declared, which he said would be a "catastrophe".

The date for the meeting is still to be confirmed, pending the availability of the board members based on their agendas.

Meanwhile, this Monday, the other large player in the cava sector, Codorníu, announced that they are moving their registered office to La Rioja. They said they took the decision to guarantee "legal security given the political context" and to preserve "the interests of our workers and clients" in the middle of the independence process.