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Spanish far-right party Vox has called a protest for 12th January against the proposed left-wing coalition government under Pedro Sánchez, which they say is anti-constitutional. The plan is to assemble at 12pm in front of every town hall in Spain.

According to the cartoon map on the poster, however, they may also be assembling in front of every town hall in Portugal​ too. The party which makes a huge deal of its Spanishness and its love for the country, its history and traditions, appears to have drawn the whole of the Iberian peninsula.

The cartoon they've gone for also omits the Balearic and Canary Islands, as well as territories like Ceuta and Melilla on the north African coast. As it happens, the slogan for the protest is España existe, "Spain exists".

The party says the protest is for a "government which respects the Constitution and Sovereignty" and will involve the reading of a "single manifesto which unites all Spaniards, all of civil society and all the political parties loyal to Spain".

mapa espanya españa - pixabay maria alberto

Map of Spain / Source: Maria Alberto, Pixabay

It's not the first time the party has come in for criticism for the imagery they've used on their social media. Last May, actor Viggo Mortensen criticised their usage of his portrayal of the character of Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings film trilogy.

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