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German weekly Die Zeit has looked into Spain's ongoing issues with Francisco Franco, who died over 40 years ago: "hardly any debate is as delicate as the one dealing with the dead dictator". The paper has published a report (link in German) on the stalled attempt by Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez to move Franco's remains from their current prominent resting place.

"What to do with Franco's bones?," reads the report's title. The conclusion is that Spain doesn't yet have an answer.

Die Zeit

Die Zeit concludes that "the costs of the reburial, planned as an effective public gesture, are already much greater than Spain's prime minister could have imagined". They also note the variety of problems the government has since come up against, for example not being aware that the family had a tomb reserved for him in Almudena cathedral in the centre of Madrid.

They also question the description of his current resting place, the Valle de los Caídos monument (Valley of the Fallen) as a "place of reconciliation", noting no one was suggesting that when it was inaugurated in 1959, during the dictatorship.

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