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Robberies with violence or intimidation in the city of Barcelona were up 30.5% during the first six months of the year with respect to the same period in 2018. This was eight points above the Spanish national average.

The figures don't include the summer months, which have seen the homicide rate increase in the city. The total number of these robberies was 7,082 in the year to July this year, up from 5,427 last year.

This is a notably greater increase in violent robberies than that recorded in Spain as a whole: 11.3%, from 28,031 to 31,195. In Madrid, they went from 4,755 to 5,187, which is 9.1%.

In total, criminal infractions grew in the period 4.3% to 1,070,401. In Barcelona that increase was 8.2%; in Madrid, 5.9%.

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