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Dani Alves has left prison after spending 430 days behind bars. The ex-Barça star was sentenced less than a month ago to four years and six months imprisonment for sexual assault on a 24-year-old woman at the Sutton nightclub in the Catalan capital. Last Wednesday, however, the Barcelona Audience court authorized his provisional release, with bail of one million euros and other precautionary measures, while he awaits for appeals to be heard. And so it was, once the Brazilian was able to secure the seven-figure sum. This Monday afternoon around 5pm the footballer came out of the exit of the Brians 2 penitentiary centre, leaving the jail where he had been locked up since January 20th, 2023.


Once released from prison, however, the Brazilian with Spanish nationality will have to appear before the judicial authority every Friday. This is, fundamentally, to confirm that he has not taken flight and that he is still in Spain. In addition, the footballer has a restraining order banning him from entering within a radius of a thousand metres from the victim's home, her place of work or any other location that the young woman may frequent. As well, he is prohibited from communicating with her. During the next few months, he will not be able to leave the Spanish state and, thus, is forbidden to return to his country of origin, Brazil.

L'advocada de Dani Alves, Inés Guardiola, i el futbolista a la sortida de Brians 2 / David Zorrakino
Dani Alves's lawyer, Inés Guardiola, and the ex-footballer at the exit of Brians 2 / David Zorrakino, Europa Press 


Media expectation at Brians 2 prison

Dani Alves's release from prison was scheduled for the end of last week, and on Thursday and Friday the likelihood of his departure from prison created a huge media frenzy at Brians 2, with dozens of camera teams and media gathered at the gates - a scene that was repeated this Monday. On Friday, the footballer was unable to secure in time, before the deadline of three o'clock on Friday afternoon, the million euros he had to deposit in a Barcelona court account in order to be released from prison, and he had to spend the weekend in jail.

Expectació mediàtica a les portes de Brians 2 per Dani Alves / GRS
Media expectation for Dani Alves last week at the gates of Brians 2 / GRS


L'advocada de Dani Alves i el futbolista a la sortida de Brians 2 / David Zorrakino, Europa Press
Dani Alves's lawyer and the footballer exiting from Brians 2 prison / David Zorrakino, Europa Press

Prison officers were also protesting at the prison gates

Dani Alves's release from Brians 2 prison has been met with media fanfare, but also with prison officials protesting. The image left by this protest was that of the lawyer Inés Guardiola leaving with the ex-footballer, walking out through a crowd of prison staff and supporters protesting the murder of their colleague Núria in the Mas d'Enric penitentiary centre.