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Catalonia's mobility restrictions for Covid-19 are to remain exactly as they are for another week. Thus, the limitations on travel outside your county (comarca) except for justified and approved reasons will continue to apply until at least Monday April 26th.

There had been speculation about changes, and the Procicat civil protection committee had even stated that it was studying a change in the unit of confinement from Catalonia's 42 comarques to the larger veguerias or even the health regions. However, in the end, the committee has opted for no change.

The Catalan health authorities are most concerned about the pressure on intensive care units and the health system. Currently, 400 critical care beds in Catalonia are occupied by Covid patients. According to Marc Rementol, Catalan secretary general of health, "adaptations to programming of other non-urgent operations have already had to be made" and justified the extension of the county confinement "to consolidate the stabilization of care indicators". Rementol emphasizes that a "marked decrease is needed to again face the opening process that our activity sectors in Catalonia need so much".

As well, curfew is set to remain in force until May 9th, when the state of alarm across Spain comes to an end. After that date, it will be impossible to enforce it by law. Therefore it will be necessary to look for alternatives. Rementol explained that "regulatory alternatives" are being sought to replace this nighttime confinement meansure, which violates a fundamental right, but aims to reduce social interaction.

The full measures in force in Catalonia, now to be renewed until Monday April 26th, are as follows:


  • Perimeter closure by counties (comarques) will continue in Catalonia
  • All entries and departures from Catalonia are prohibited without justifiable reasons. 
  • Social gatherings are limited to 6 people, with no bubble group maximum, and gatherings of up to six in your home are possible, including people from other bubble groups
  • Curfew is maintained from 10pm to 6am, seven days a week.
  • For journeys for justifiable reasons outside your county, departure from or arrival to Catalonia, or travel during hours of curfew, you should fill out a certificate of self-responsibility


  • As at present, bars and restaurants are able to open right through the day from 7:30am until 5pm.
  • Up to six people can sit together at a table, from any number of bubble groups. 
  • The maximum capacity of bars and restaurants remains at: 100% of usual maximum on terraces with space between tables, and 30% inside.
  • Takeaway food can be prepared and sold throughout the day.


  • Weekend opening will continue to be possible: for both small retail and shopping centres.
  • Large establishments will be able to open up to a maximum floor area of 800 square metres.
  • In shops, the maximum occupancy of 30% of normal capacity is maintained.


  • Sports competitions can continue for those aged under 16. This is in addition to the already-resumed federated sports competitions for over-16s.
  • The public are now allowed to attend all those sports competitions with a pre-assigned seat, except for national and international ones that have prohibitions from other bodies.
  • In sports competitions, the maximum occupancy of space is 50% in outdoor spaces and 30% in indoor spaces.
  • Federated sports and sports councils can continue to train with more than 6 people.

Regarding sports facilities:

  • Changing rooms are now in use again.
  • Pools can operate at 50% of normal maximum capacity.
  • Open air facilities can operate at 50% of capacity and with controlled access.


  • At universities, in-person attendance for first and second year courses continues with a classroom occupancy of 30% of capacity. 
  • School extracurricular activities are open for all ages.
  • The previous recommendation that in-person activities be reduced at secondary schools continues.
  • Overnight stays are allowed on school outings as long as they involve the classroom bubble group.


  • Cinemas, theatres, auditoriums and concert halls can continue to open for regular programming.
  • Special cultural events can be held: the prohibition on festivals, galas and awards ceremonies is lifted.
  • Popular and traditional culture is allowed as long as activities are static and take place within perimeters or enclosed spaces, with the same capacity limitations as cultural activities, and with the audience seated.
  • Gambling halls, bingo halls and casinos can open with a maximum of 100 people, or occupancy of up to 30% of maximum if they are ventilated spaces.
  • Museums, libraries and exhibition halls may also open.
  • Capacity must always be limited to 50% of normal maximum, with an absolute maximum of 500 people. If there is optimal ventilation, this can be extended to 1,000 people
  • "Civic centre" activities have been resumed for those over 60 in the open air and with a maximum of six people.

And with regard to religious events, they must be celebrated as follows:

  • Religious events and acts can be held at 30% of the normal maximum capacity.
  • The absolute maximum number of people at an indoor event is 500, while those outdoors or with optimal ventilation have a maximum of 1,000.


Main image: A vehicle check being made by the Catalan Mossos d'Esquadra police / ACN

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