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This Monday, May 4th, Catalonia along with virtually the entire Spanish state has entered into Phase 0 of the Sánchez government's plan to gradually lift the coronavirus lockdown. From today, in the whole of mainland Spain and most of the islands, small shops and hairdressers can open, and takeaway prepared food can be picked up in bars and restaurants. All governed by strict measures of protection.

Spain's official state gazette (BOE) has published the rules for phase 0 which come into force today, as well as those for phase 1, which will apply immediately in four small Spanish islands: Formentera, Hierro, La Graciosa and La Gomera.

Phase 0: general conditions

  • Business with premises smaller than 400 square metres.
  • They can open by prior appointment with the customer.
  • Orders placed by phone or online can be picked up.
  • A preferential timetable for the elderly is to be established.
  • Premises should be cleaned twice a day and uniforms every day.
  • Disinfectant gel should be offered when the customer enters.
  • Safety distance between salesperson and customer must be guaranteed. If this is not possible, partitions must be installed.
  • No employee can serve more than one customer. If someone has to wait, they must do so outside the store.
  • Busineses must provide hydroalcoholic gel at the entrance.

Clothing stores:

  • Fitting rooms must be cleaned after each use.
  • Only one person at a time may enter a fitting room
  • If the customer does not purchase any item of clothing that has been tried on, the store must take measures to sanitize the garment before it is put on by another customer


  • Hotel and restaurant activities can be resumed to provide home delivery food services or collection at the door of takeaway foods that have been ordered.
  • A space for picking up orders must be prepared and indicated.
  • Physical separation between people must be guaranteed or, if this is not possible, counters or partitions must be installed.
  • The premises will only be able to open in the normal hours for pick-up of orders.

In the case of services in which it is not possible to maintain the minimum interpersonal distance, such as hairdressers, beauty salons or physiotherapists, the personal protective equipment required to "ensure protection" both for the worker and the customer must be used. But in these cases, as with all others, a two metre distance between one client and another must be guaranteed.

Changes in restrictions on construction works

As of today, Monday, some restrictions on construction work on buildings has been lifted, permitting works which, due to their characteristics, the divsion of the building in terms of spaces and internal passages, mean that there is no interference with people not related to the work.

As well, works on uninhabited premises, and on dwellings or delimited areas of buildings which residents do not have access to are also excluded now from the restriction, provided that the movement of workers and materials through common areas is limited and measures are taken to prevent contact with residents. Entry and exit to premises or dwellings being worked on must occur only at the beginning and end of the working day, and prevention and hygiene measures must be adopted.