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German chancellor Angela Merkel has put herself in quarantine after her doctor tested positive for coronavirus. It is a pre-emptive measure, but she will continue her work from home for the time being.

The doctor, who vaccinated Merkel on Friday, later tested positive for coronavirus. She will undergo “regular tests” in the coming days.

The German chancellor hardened measures on social gatherings this Sunday, banning public meetings of more than two people in order to curb the spread of the virus. In a press conference Merkel stated that "The objective is to buy time in the fight against the virus"

For two weeks from now, meetings of more than two people in public will be banned, unless they live together. Moreover, people will be required to keep a minimum social distance of 1.5 metres while in public spaces.

Additionally, restaurants can only offer takeaway service, and all beauty salons, hairdressers, massage and tattoo parlours must close.

Merkel agreed upon these measures with the Länder, which can also take other decisions, as in Bavaria where a lockdown was decreed.



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