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Spain's autonomous communities have notified the central health ministry of 7,118 new cases of Covid-19 this Tuesday - 2,759 which have been diagnosed in the last 24 hours, the rest in previous day. This is a small decrease compared to the 2,825 diagnosed yesterday. The overall number of infections in Spain has risen to 896,086 since the start of the pandemic, according to official figures.

The most surprising figure is the number of new infections in Madrid (491), as in recent weeks the regions has been reporting much higher figures, such as the 2,256 cases reported last Friday.

Spain: total Covid-19 confirmed cases by autonomous communities.

The community with the most cases diagnosed in the last day is the Basque Country, with 508 cases. It is followed by Madrid, with 491, Navarra, with 363, and Aragon, with 361. The Spanish health ministry notes that Andalusia has not been able to update its data due to technical problems. 165 new cases have been diagnosed in Catalonia.

Spain: total new Covid-19 cases diagnosed per day for the last 30 days. 

As for statistics on fatalities, the health ministry says that the total coronavirus deaths in Spain has reached 33,204 - an increase of 80 on yesterday's figure. According to the latest ministry report, 406 deaths have occurred in the last seven days. Of these, 85 occurred in Castilla y León, 57 in Andalusia and 53 in Madrid. In Catalonia there have been seven.

Spain: total Covid-19 deaths per day for the last 30 days.

Since the pandemic began, there have been 158,239 hospitalizations for Covid-19 in Spain. In the last week, 2,657 and 164 ICU admissions have been notified, with a total of 14,271 since March. Of the 2,657 hospitalizations due to the virus in the last week, 652 have occurred in Castilla y León, 415 in Andalusia and 313 in Madrid. Catalonia has registered 68 hospital admissions and 3 to the ICU.

Stay on guard

Presenting this data, health minister Salvador Illa stated that "we must stay on guard this October", as "we have difficult weeks ahead in Spain and Europe", and he recalled that cases are also rising in other European countries, such as France and the United Kingdom. He was speaking in a joint press conference with the health emergency director Fernando Simón.

Illa called for action to be taken "in response to health needs", after noting that he is hearing "many arguments from the right and left, but not to do with health, and the virus has to be defeated with health criteria." Fernando Simón focused on the great variations in the impact of infections in the level of hospital pressure on communities, warning that "the measures in each of them must be adapted to their situations." This variability is also recorded in the evolution of the pandemic in Spain, according to Simón, regretting that delays in notifications of infections continue, and he called for caution when "assessing the most recent data, that from the last 3 or 4 days".

Below: Spain: Total confirmed Covid-19 cases (blue), deaths (black), patients recovered (green)