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A video full of humour and imagination explaining how a young Catalan couple with a four-year-old daughter are coping with lockdown has gone viral. The video, in Catalan with English subtitles, has been published by the BBC in a series on the coronavirus lockdown, and it's the work of Pol Mallafré, creator of the Youtube channel "Mockudramas", who appears along with his wife, actor and teacher Angela Monge.

"Eat, sleep, Mary Poppins, repeat," the BBC states in a presentation of this delightful "reflection on family life" which last about six minutes.  

The Catalan family's story is told as part of BBC Reel's World in Lockdown series along with a collection of other shorts.

One person who's seen it, and didn't hesitate to share it herself is US Democratic Party senator Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. Her "reflection" is on the fact that raising kids and caring for someone else in general is hard work. "It's a full time job", she says, whether people are paid - "not enough" - or not. "And right now, work-from-home parents and caregivers are doing two jobs at the same time," says @AOC.