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The Catalan health ministry reported on Friday afternoon that 190 new coronavirus infections had been detected in the territory in the last 24 hours, yeilding a new total of 509 infections in Catalonia up till now. There are currently 35 who are seriously ill. Fifty-eight healthcare professionals have been infected with the virus.

Today's new figures indicate a rise of 60% over those of the previous day.   

With respect to the outbreak centred on Igualada, 67 cases of coronavirus have so far been detected, an increase of nine from Thursday's figure. Currently only four of the cases are considered serious. Of the total number of patients, 41 are healthcare professionals.

In the whole of Spain, the total number of coronavirus cases announced on Friday has risen to 4,231. The Madrid region accounts for 1,900 of these, and the Basque Country, 417. The calculation is based on a previous figure for the number of cases in Catalonia (316).

Eighty-four people with coronavirus have died in the Spanish state and 189 who were infected with the virus have been given the medical all-clear.