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From 8th March, a further slight easing of the coronavirus measures in Catalonia. With the data showing a small downward trend, the Catalan government has decided to be prudent and has only eased restrictions a little. The main news is the opening of bars and restaurants all day until five in the afternoon, the resumption of all federated sports competitions for over-16s and the increase in attendance at universities.

These new measures apply from Monday 8th March and will last, initially, for a week, until 15th March, when they will be reviewed again. These are all the rules:


  • Perimeter closure continues to apply at county (comarca) lines. Seven days a week. All entries and departures from this area are prohibited without justifiable reasons.
  • Travel to second homes or to visit relatives or friends is not permitted if it means crossing county boundaries. Cultural events are not an excuse either.
  • You can only leave your county to exercise or practice individual outdoor sports between two neighbouring municipalities, for travel to school or work (if distance working is not possible) and to return to your usual home.
  • Curfew is maintained from 10pm to 6am seven days a week.


  • NEW! Bars and restaurants are able to open right through the day from 7:30am until 5pm.
  • NEW! Up to six people can sit together at a table. Also, the previous limit of two bubble groups involved in any gathering is dropped.  
  • The maximum capacity of bars and restaurants remains at: 100% of usual maximum on terraces with space between tables, and 30% inside.
  • Takeaway food can be prepared and sold throughout the day.
  • Eating and drinking is only permitted at tables, not at the bar.


  • Non-essential shops will remain closed at weekends:
    • Small retail stores (and in shopping centres) of less than 400 m², and street markets. These are only open from 6am to 9pm, Monday to Friday. 
    • Shops and shopping centres of more than 400 m² can open from Monday to Friday, 6am to 9pm, but limiting their open area to 400 m², and allowing only 30% of normal maximum capacity. Bars and restaurants in shopping malls must still remain closed.
  • Gambling centres (bingo halls, casinos and gambling rooms) are to remain closed.


  • NEW! In-person classes at universities (prohibited until now except for some first and second year classes) can now resume with maximum 30% occupancy of the space.
  • NEW! School extracurricular activities are now reopening for everyone (until now it was only for primary school children).
  • Overnight stays are allowed on school outings as long as they involve the same bubble group as the class.


For sporting facilities:

  • NEW! Changing rooms can be reopened
  • Pools can operate at 50% of normal maximum capacity.
  • Gyms and sports facilities can open enclosed spaces to up to 30% of normal maximum capacity and with mandatory use of a mask
  • Open air facilities can operate at 50% of capacity and access control.

As well:

  • NEW! Federated sports competitions for those over 16 can resume.
  • Federated sport, and Sports Council-regulated sport, can train in groups of up to 6 people and take part in competitions..


  • NEW! "Civic centre" activities are resumed for those over 60 in the open air and with a maximum of six people.
  • Cinemas, theatres, auditoriums and concert halls can open for regular programming.
  • Museums, libraries and exhibition halls may also open.
  • Capacity must always be limited to 50% of normal maximum, with an absolute maximum of 500 people.
  • If ventilation is optimal, this can be expanded to 1,000 people.

For religious events:

  • Religious events and acts can be held at 30% of the normal maxmimum capacity.
  • The absolute maximum number of people at an indoor event is 500, while those outdoors or with optimal ventilation have a maximum of 1,000.

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Graphic: Maria López Moya

Main image: A restaurant gets ready to open up / EFE