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The incidence of coronavirus continues to fall in Catalonia and the Catalan government is going ahead with the de-escalation plan it had promised. For the week ahead, all the restrictions that have been in force up till now remain in force, but the executive has already announced the changes that will take place from May 24th.

The main news is that the occupancy allowed in shops and universities will be increased to 50% of the normal maximum and for cultural events and activities it will be raised to 70%. In addition, bars and restaurants will be able to slightly extend their opening times: they will be able to raise the shutter from 6am (and not from 7:30am as before).

Conferences will also be able to resume without the need for explicit authorization as up till now. Nightlife - dance clubs and other late-night venues - will, however, remain closed until further notice.

For now, these are the changes the Catalan government foresees for 24th April, although it is not ruled out that there may be additional flexibility. 

The measures in force in Catalonia are as follows, with those foreseen for May 24th in bold:


  • Free movement within Catalonia continues. All entries and departures from Catalonia are permitted, with no requirement to justify the reason. 
  • Social gatherings are limited to 6 people, with no bubble group maximum. 
  • There is no curfew. 


  • NEW on May 24th: bars can open earlier, at 6am.
  • Unitl May 24th, bars and restaurants can open from 7:30am until 11pm.
  • Maximum number at a table is four, with an exception when all those at a table are part of the same bubble group. 
  • The maximum capacity of bars and restaurants remains at: 100% of usual maximum on terraces with space between tables, and 30% inside.


  • NEW on May 24th: occupancy of 50% of normal capacity will be allowed.
  • Maximum occupancy of 30% of normal capacity is maintained until May 24th.
  • All retail businesses can open until 10pm at night, and all, regardless of size, can now open their entire establishment.


  • NEW on May 24th: Current occupancy of all sporting facilities of up to 50% will continue, but absolute maximum will rise to 1,000 people in interior spaces and 3,000 in outdoor spaces.
  • Sporting activities can be held until 11pm at night.
  • Assemblies of sporting bodies are now permitted, with occupancy of spaces up to 50% of the normal maximum, and an absolute maximum of 500 people (or 1,000 with good ventilation).
  • Sports competitions and training sessions for both federated and Sporting Council activities continue to be permitted.
  • The public are now allowed to attend all those sports competitions with a preassigned seat, except for national and international ones that have prohibitions from other bodies.
  • Changing rooms are now in use again.
  • Pools can operate at 50% of normal maximum capacity.


  • New on May 24th: In universities, partial return to in-person courses is foreseen, with a maximum of 50% of normal capacity.
  • New on May 24th: With regard to non-regulated education, and leisure education, the maximum in-person group size will be 10 people.
  • Overnight stays are allowed on school outings as long as they involve the classroom bubble group.
  • School extracurricular activities are open for all ages.


  • New on May 24th: maximum occupancy will be 70% of normal maximum capacity.
  • New on May 24th: maximum number at events will be 1,000 indoors and 3,000 outdoors (or in spaces with enhanced ventilation).
  • New on May 24th: Conferences will be resumed without the need for explicit authorization.
  • Cultural activities can continue until 11pm at night 
  • Amusement parks and fairs can open with occupancy of 30% of their maximum capacity.
  • Civic centres are able to open.
  • Spaces for children's play activities can open to 30% of normal capacity, without restaurant services.  
  • Children's playgrounds can now open beyond 8pm.
  • Cinemas, theatres, auditoriums and concert halls can continue to open for regular programming.
  • Special cultural events can be held: the earlier prohibition on festivals, galas and awards ceremonies has been lifted.
  • Popular and traditional culture is allowed as long as activities are static and take place within perimeters or enclosed spaces, with the same capacity limitations as cultural activities, and with the audience seated.
  • Gambling halls, bingo halls and casinos can open with a maximum of 100 people, or occupancy of up to 30% of maximum if they are ventilated spaces.
  • Museums, libraries and exhibition halls may also open.

And with regard to religious events, they must be celebrated as follows:

  • New on May 24th: As at present, religious events and acts can be held at 50% of the normal maximum capacity, but with absolute maximums of 1,000 people indoors and 3,000 outdoors.


Main image: Classroom of the University of Barcelona / ACN