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Dozens of people gathered this Monday evening outside the Wad Ras women's prison, in Barcelona city, to receive the former speaker of the Catalan Parliament Carme Forcadell, on her entry into the prison.

Forcadell, who was greeted with cries of "Freedom!" and "President!" thanked the protesters for their support.

"Let no woman be forgotten! Freedom for @ForcadellCarme! Freedom for the women political prisoners!"— Poble Lliure

"Outside the Wad Ras prison in an action of support for Carme Forcadell" — ​Francesc Roca

Those at the rally also expressed support for other political prisoners and exiles, and especially for the women: former Catalan ministers Dolors Bassa, Clara Ponsatí and Meritxell Serret and former CUP deputy Anna Gabriel.

Forcadell requested a transfer from the Mas d'Enric prison (near Tarragona) to be closer to her family, who live in Sabadell. 

Carme Forcadell, who was Catalan parliamentary speaker from 2015 to 2017, has been in prison for 824 days, serving a sentence of ten and a half years' jail for sedition.