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Former speaker of the Catalan Parliament Carme Forcadell and minister Dolors Bassa have added their support to today's strike and protests for International Women's Day. They had both already demonstrated their support yesterday by wearing lilac clothing and loops during yesterday's hearing in the Catalan independence trial.

Translation: Today, more resolute, more determined and more empowered than ever, we will go out into the streets again and we will defend our rights every day and from any place. Long live the feminist struggle.

Translation: This 8th March 2019 we turn out for an equality without adjectives, in which we can share everything without exceptions. We're feminists to construct a more just and more egalitarian society. I'm with you "mentally". Every day there are more of us in the streets. A lilac and yellow hug!

Joining their female colleagues were a number of the male prisoners:

Translation: Even though I think of them every day, a special remembrance today, 8th March, for my female colleagues in prison and exile. In the defence of Catalonia's rights there were no differences of gender. In their recognition, there can't be either. 

Translation: From Soto [del Real prison], with the feminist strike and all the struggles to strike down the privileges of our world of men. 

Translation: 8th March. Feminism is a shared responsibility. We fight for rights and against discrimination and inequalities.

Translation: Today, 8th March and every day, alongside the women defending their rights, everyone's rights, in the face of the threat from the sexist far right. Feminism is an engine for change to achieve real and effective equality.