Time is running out for Mariano Rajoy as Spanish prime minister. He is set to be ousted from power tomorrow. And the Catalan parties, along with the main Basque one in the Spanish Congress, have played a crucial role. Esquerra and PDeCAT, and the Basque Nationalist Party, have said 'no' to Mariano Rajoy today - and their votes have an immediate result: the removal of the Spanish government... the one which removed the Catalan cabinet last October and then set harsh measures in the country, stripping it of its self-rule... Now Spain is facing an unprecedented political crisis while direct rule in Catalonia is still in force. A vote of no-confidence has never before been successful in the Congress. But now one is set to pass. And the votes of the Socialists and Unidos Podemos will also contribute to Spain having a new president in the coming days: Pedro Sánchez, of the Socialist Party. The vote will take place tomorrow, but the debate of no-confidence against Rajoy started quite early this morning today.

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