Ousting Mariano Rajoy as Spanish prime minister. This is the aim of the Spanish Socialists. They’re galvanizing support from pro-independence parties to get rid of the PP government which is affected by a huge corruption scandal. For decades, the Spanish People's Party benefited from kickbacks in exchange for giving public contracts to a network of businesspeople. The party's former treasurer has been sentenced to 33 years in jail, but president Mariano Rajoy insists there are no grounds for him to resign and warns that any attempts to oust him will lead to instability. PSOE will try, however, and have found an unlikely ally in pro-independence parties. A change in government in Spain could cause a U-turn in the Catalan crisis. We'll talk about this, and also tell you about the latest turmoil in Parliament, where the speaker urged MPs not to behave as if in a madhouse.

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