It was the million dollar question. Who would follow Carles Puigdemont as Catalan President? Now, we know: Quim Torra. Lawyer, editor and writer, he was 11th on Junts per Catalunya’s candidate list for Barcelona. A trusted ally of Puigdemont’s, he has the task of leading the government at one of the most critical times for the country. Strongly pro-independence, his profile is thought to be coherent with that of his predecessor. Soon he will face Parliament and a vote. Catalan News also brings you the latest on an Amnesty International report: in it, they say that Spanish authorities are obstructing the investigation into police violence during the Catalan referendum. The NGO calls on Spain to urgently launch a thorough investigation into the violence used by the police towards voters on October 1, which injured over 1,000; for Amnesty, the police officers’ actions were excessive and disproportionate.