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The president of the Catalan government, Quim Torra, has sent letters to European foreign missions denouncing the espionage of the Spanish foreign ministry, led by Josep Borrell, against Catalan delegations abroad.

In the letter, also signed by Catalan foreign minister Alfred Bosch, the Catalan executive describes this latest operation of the Spanish foreign ministry "as part of an effort aimed at dismantling Catalonia’s legal and legitimate foreign action and, especially, its Delegations abroad." 

The letters have been sent, specifically, to the governments of Germany, Ireland, Switzerland and Great Britain, as well as to European countries and MEPs. This initiative by the Catalan executive is taking place in parallel with Spanish government's promotion of acting foreign minister Josep Borrell as the future top representative of EU diplomacy.

"The Government of Catalonia strongly condemns these activities, which target the legal and legitimate work of officials representing a democratically elected Government" -he adds.

In the letters addressed to the German, Swiss, Irish and British governments, the Catalan executive regrets that these actions have taken place within its territory and have affected the right to the privacy of citizens and public representatives respectively.

He also regrets that these efforts by Borrell's ministry have not been directed towards more fruitful goals in the path of dialogue.

However, the letter from Torra and Bosch concludes by insisting on the willingness to continue working towards strengthening the ties with various governments, through Catalan foreign delegations in their respective territories.


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