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Police have opened cases against two Spanish journalists for entering a closed off flat in Ripoll, northern Catalonia, which had been earlier searched by Mossos d'Esquadra (Catalan police) in the course of their investigation into the attack on la Rambla in Barcelona. Initially the Mossos have arrested the journalists, for entering the sealed property, with the risks that entails of altering evidence.

"ALERT! Some foreign journalists (some Italians) have violated the seal and entered into this flat in Ripoll..."

The journalists have been sent to Ripoll police station, where statements have been taken from them. There are also three Italian journalists related to the events, but they haven't been arrested because they haven't gone into the sealed apartment.

The Mossos are studying what actions to take against the media outlets that are publishing images after entering illegally into properties that have been closed off, police sources have told El Nacional.