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A 25-year-old tourist has died in Barcelona this Wednesday morning after falling from a motorway overbridge. The young man, of Canadian origin, had been assaulted by a group of thieves in the Sant Martí district, near the city's beaches, at around six in the morning. In circumstances that are still being investigated, the victim fell from one of the bridges that crosses the urban motorway, the Ronda Litoral, near Exit 23. As a result of the fall, from a height of around five metres, the young man suffered serious injuries which caused his death, hours later, in the intensive care unit of the Hospital del Mar.

Killed in an attempted robbery

According to El, the emergency services received a call this Wednesday morning warning of a fight between a group of men and the young tourist, in the coastal leisure area of the Sant Martí district. Initial investigations by the Mossos d'Esquadra police link this violence to a robbery attempt and their hypothesis is that five thieves attacked the young man to steal his belongings. The victim is thought to have defended himself, and after a struggle the alleged aggressors are believed to have thrown him from the bridge. The young Canadian fell five metres onto the highway below. A truck driver who was driving along the Ronda Litoral at the time saw him and was the one who called the 112 emergency number.

Despite the severity of the injuries, the indications were that he would survive. Unfortunately, this was not the case, and the young man was reported to have died at noon this Wednesday. The Mossos d'Esquadra have confirmed to that they have opened an investigation to clarify all that happened, and to be able to locate and arrest those responsible for the assault and the attempted violent robbery. At this time, the Catalan police continue to work on this case, of which no further details have emerged. The search for five people is currently underway.