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It has struck a nerve. A strike by Spanish truck drivers began a week ago, led by a minority trade union, and now it has spread so far that even one of the largest Spanish unions has joined. The drivers' basic grievance is clear - skyhigh fuel prices - and so is the impact that their action is having on all sectors, especially those of food and basic services across the Spanish state. Thus, many well-known brands have warned that they have been forced to stop production at their plants until normal supply is restored. Here's a review of brands that have already warned their customers that their products may be running short on the shelves:

Gallo: dry and fresh pasta, sauces, flour and breadcrumbs

Spain's leading pasta producer warns: "For nine days we have not been supplying products from our El Carpio factory in Córdoba (Andalusia)." Fernando Fernández Soriano, CEO of Gallo, says that "if it continues like this, the stock that remains with our clients will run out quickly, in two days at the most." Under normal circumstances, the company loads at least 20 trucks a day, at times up to 50. But since March 14th, a total of 20 trucks have left.

Calvo: canned tuna but also pâté, canned mussels and clams and potato salad

This Monday, the canned seafood firm shut down its production centre in Carballo (Galicia) due to problems in both the output of canned products and the entry of raw material. The decision was made due to "the impossibility of the entry and exit of goods". At the same time, the association of canned fish and seafood producers Anfaco, has warned this week of the impact of the carriers' strike, which has prevented the arrival of raw materials and service to their customers, a new factor in addition to the uncertainty over the Ukrainian war.

Heineken-Cruzcampo: beer

The warning issued by the group affects the direct distribution of this beverage to homes but also bars and restaurants. The firm is headquartered in Seville and yesterday announced "its great concern about the impact that the current transport strike is having on its operations, on the hospitality business and our retail customers."

Mahou San Miguel: beer

The largest Spanish beer producer, whose major brands are Mahou, San Miguel and Alhambra, has recognized great difficulties due to the transport drivers' strike.

Solán de Cabras: water

This brand also belongs to the Mahou San Miguel group and is likewise affected.

Estrella Galicia: beer

The Galician-based Hijos de Rivera group, another of Spain's top five beer producers, says it has not received any raw materials or basic supplies since Monday last week and that this could mean a "total shutdown" of its activity.

Cuétara: biscuits such as TostaRica

Another of the many companies and cooperatives that have had to interrupt their manufacturing processes and have been forced to temporarily close their plants due to lack of supply.

Danone: yoghurt brands like Activia, Actimel, Danacol, Danonino, Densia or Danet

The major food products manufacturer has already announced the shutdown of its plant in Aldaia (Valencia). Danone explains in a statement that if no agreement is reached to stop the conflict within a maximum of 24 hours, it will be forced to temporarily suspend its activity at both its three mineral water plants and the four dairy factories. That is, also in Madrid, Barcelona and Asturias.

Azucarera: sugar

The only sugar factory operating in the whole of Spain has had to stop its activity due to the transport strike and its production, located in the Jerez de la Frontera plant (Andalusia) has not been operating since last week.

Lactalis: milk and cheese

The French firm which is the largest dairy producer in the world has announced that its Spanish operations may have to stop production imminently. This may affect other brands of milk found in supermarkets, as well as the production of some cheeses: Don Bernardo and Flor de Esgueva brands, made with raw sheep's milk in Peñafiel (Castilla y León).

JaenCoop: olive oil

The olive oil producer says on its own website that there are delays in product delivery. As with Lactalis, the shortage will also affect other well-known brands that can be found on the shelves (or not). One of its star brands is Cazroliva olive oil.

Agrosevilla: olives and olive oil

Has temporarily suspended production at its plant in La Roda de Andalucía. Since 1977, Agrosevilla has been a leading brand, benchmark and exporter in the sector. Supplier of stand-out olive brands such as Coopoliva and Seville Premium

Lidl: retailer's air fryer

A curious side-effect is that the discount retailer Lidl's air fryer has also run out of stock. Its use of the air frying technique has been marketed as a way of making food less oily, but now it has another selling point, given that oil may be hard to obtain. However, the air fryers, which allow foods such as potatoes, nuggets or croquettes to be fried without oil, have themselves become hard to find.