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During her speech in the second investiture vote, Junts per Catalunya's (JxCat) spokeswoman, Laura Borràs, accused Pedro Sánchez of being a "politician prisoner to his own arrogance", and for having wasted the opportunity that Catalan MP Jordi Turull never had, as he was imprisoned in the middle of his investiture debate in the Catalan Parliament

JxCat's spokeswoman bluntly reproached Sanchez for having disregarded their votes and she warned him that "in a democracy, no vote should be counted as useless or irrelevant". She then called on him to not hide behind the verdict in the 2017 Catalan referendum trial as an excuse for not going forward with the coalition government with Podemos, and she warned him that "if you are PM, you are forced to lead the way towards a solution”.

Borràs accused Sánchez of confusing the investiture debate with a "debate on support for his own person". “You say that you will not give up your principles, neither shall we."

“We were hoping for more statesmanship from you. We are only hoping for common sense now. Do something, Mr Sánchez," she ended.