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This Wednesday, British lawyer member of Catalan pro-independence leaders' international defence team, Ben Emmerson, launched a Twitter campaign against the nomination of Josep Borrell as EU foreign policy chief. Borrell received his nomination yesterday and he now needs to be accepted by the new president of the European Commission and the backing of the European Parliament.

Through the #StopBorrell hashtag, Emmerson wants to show his opposition to the decision: "Borrell’s nomination as EU foreign policy chief is completely inappropriate. He would do significant harm to the EU, and was fined last year for insider trading. He can’t even conduct an interview with basic courtesy", he said.

In this sense, Emmerson stated that "The EU is proposing to appoint its own Donald Trump": "He is a full-throated supporter of human rights violations in Spain, and will do huge damage to the EU’s international relations".

This is the reason why the lawyer has asked to circulate the hashtag, which has become trending topic in Barcelona.  

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