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The Belgian secretary of state for Asylum, Flemish nationalist Theo Francken, has this Tuesday accused Spain of having "political prisoners".

"[Belgian Interior minister] Jan Jambon portrayed as a neo-fascist, myself as a neo-Nazi. How strange, I was thinking that those political prisoners were in a Spanish cell... or are in a Spanish cell", he wrote in Spanish on his personal Twitter account, under a photo of the front page of Spanish newspaper ABC.

The Belgian minister with responsibility for asylum and migration posted a series of variations on the same theme, in English, French and Flemish. They were in reaction to a report in ABC whose headline accuses him of "protecting defenders of the Jewish genocide". The sub-heading says he has "neo-Nazi friends and takes part in events in homage to admirers of Hitler".

"Jan Jambon the neo-fascist, me the neo-Nazi. And me who thought that these political prisoners were, or rather are, in a Spanish prison..." read the French tweet. 

"Stupidity has no borders," he added.