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The mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, has this Thursday called consuls of the EU member states to the Catalan capital to "reflect" on the events of 1st October in Catalonia and the "possible scenarios that open up from here", the city council has said. The meeting is to be held tomorrow afternoon in the city hall, according to the same sources.

In fact, Colau has for days been calling for intervention by the European community. The first step was a letter she sent before the referendum to some thirty mayors of different European cities to denounce the "threat" against rights in Catalonia that the Spanish state was carrying out.

That letter already suggested that she would ask the European Commission to open a mediation space for the Spanish and Catalan government "to look for a negotiated solution". This Wednesday, Colau sent a tweet on this very subject:

Translation: I've woken up sad. But not resigned. Neither unilateral declaration of independence nor 155*. We need more dialogue and bridges than ever. Mediation and agreed referendum.

*Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution gives the central government the power to take control of an autonomous community, like Catalonia, in certain circumstances.