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This year's check pattern, the 2015-16 hoops; everyone thought that by now Barça fans would be immune to surprises, but perhaps not. After this year's Nike-designed shirt, approved by the club, dropped the traditional stripes for blue and pomegranate squares, the playing field is now wide open. Innovation is expected, as are huge sales, but perhaps also a disregard for the club's history.

This Saturday, the newspaper Sport has reported that Barça's shirt for the 2020/21 season is looking to follow in that mould. The designers have returned to the traditional vertical stripes, but a third colour joins the blue and pomegranate: yellow. The colour is apparently inspired by the shirt worn by the club a century ago, in 1920, at the start of its first golden age.

Sport Portada 21 09 2019

If the report proves true, maybe it won't shock fans more than this year's design - that would be difficult to do. On the other hand, it does remain to see how they would react.