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The Andalusian Economy and Skills minister, Antonio Ramírez de Arellano, has said this Monday that while in the short term they believe Catalan independence would not have "important repercussions for the Andalusian economy", in the long term "it will have to be seen what the situation this matter ends up in is". He also warned that "uncertainties are bad for the economy".

With these statements, Ramírez de Arellano, who was heading the Foro de Coyuntura y Previsión Económica de Andalucía (Economic Situation and Forecast Forum of Andalusia), agreed with statements by Spanish Economy minister, Luis de Guindos, who has also said that uncertainty is always negative and that, as such, "it's always premature to reach conclusions".

This uncertainty is not just bad for Andalusia and Spain, but Catalonia will also be affected, although "the predictions from minister de Guindos aren't very different to those forecast recently", said the Andalusian minister. He also noted that the economy is currently exiting from a recession but "it seems that it's going slowly and it's something that depends on many factors and not just the situation in Catalonia". Some of the international factors referred to are Brexit, the development of protectionist policies, the change process of the EU and monetary policies, among others.